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wait till helen comes
  • From mental_floss: 15 Things You Might Not Know About 'Beetlejuice'. Holy cow, I love Anjelica Huston, but I CANNOT imagine anyone but Catherine O'Hara playing Delia.
  • From Comic Book Resources: IN YOUR FACE JAM: It's Not a Question of "Captain Marvel" Vs. "Black Widow". "First of all, even if there really was a blank on a whiteboard in Marvel Studios meeting room with "(FEMALE LEAD)" under it, that doesn't mean that attitude is right. Just as there's room for multiple movies with white men right there in the title ("Ant-Man," "Captain America: Civil War," "Doctor Strange," "Thor: Ragnarok"), there should be room for multiple women and people of color in every phase of every cinematic universe. It should never be a question of Cap or Widow. The two represent vastly different types of leads who would carry drastically different movies; with her outer space origins and swagger, "Captain Marvel" will probably have more in common with the first "Iron Man" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" than it would ever have with "Black Widow.""
  • At the Guardian: Quiz: can you identify these classic horror books by their covers? 9/10, BOOM!
  • From The Toast: A Wrinkle In Time: Dirtbag Mrs. Whatsit:

MRS WHATSIT: don’t ask me stupid questions
I used to be a goddamn star, Meg
like in the SKY
what did you used to be
a seventh-grader?
lets compare those two things okay
MEG: i’m sorry, i didn’t–
MRS WHATSIT: everyone here who used to be an actual fucking star in the sky raise your hand
thats what i thought

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