Challenged in Michigan: Jaycee Dugard's memoir.

From the Grand Rapids Press:

While Dugard’s memoir is not required reading at Northview Public Schools, it is part of a seventh-grade classroom library where an 11-year-old recently chose it for elective reading, Superintendent Mike Paskewicz said on Thursday, Oct. 23.

“Generally, with a book like this – because we know there are controversial passages in it – we generally have conferences with the kids,” he said. “We missed that step in this instance.”

Upon choosing a controversial book from the classroom library, teachers typically meet with the student, and sometimes, their parents, to discuss its appropriateness to that specific child.

“It doesn’t mean that the book is not appropriate for reading in school, but we question whether it is appropriate for that child or that age-level of children,” Paskewicz said.

The whole article is really worth a read, for information about the challenge, yes, but more for the reasoning behind why the book is in the program, as well as more details about how the school runs things in general.