Every Breath You Take: Four Stalkers in YA.

BECAUSE WHILE READING FIRST-PERSON ACCOUNTS OF REAL-LIFE STALKERS IS HORRIFYING AND SCARY (unless you happen to find said accounts charming and self-deprecating and hilarious, which some people apparently do), READING ABOUT FICTIONAL STALKERS CAN BE FUN!

Made for You, by Melissa Marr

Girl wakes up in the hospital after a hit-and-run, and shortly thereafter realizes she's developed the rather unnerving ability to foresee the death of anyone she touches. She proceeds to use that ability to figure out the identity of her murderous stalker.

Hysteria, by Megan Miranda

After killing her boyfriend—in what may have been self-defense, but could have been murder—Mallory gets packed off to a boarding school, where someone promptly starts stalking her... but it isn't clear if the stalker is human, ghost, or JUST IN HER HEAD.

The Missing Girl, by Norma Fox Mazer

Five sisters... and the man who watches them, debating and dreaming about which one he'll eventually possess. I've actually been avoiding this one for a while because HELLO, DISTURBING, but maybe it's finally time.

Stay, by Deb Caletti:

Like many of Deb Caletti's recent heroines, Clara is bright and very, very mature for her age—at times, she sounds a good twenty years older than she actually is—but, as usual, the storyline, romance and characters are all engrossing enough that I easily gave her a pass. Her relationship with her father is good—things aren't remotely smarmypants-perfect between them, but there's never any doubt that they always have each other's back—and while the romance made me stretch my Disbelief Suspension muscle (Finn is the most well-adjusted, likable, issue-free, protective-without-being-overbearing, AWESOME family-having, open and honest EXACTLY WHO SHE NEEDS guy that you could imagine)—it's a purely comfortable, enjoyable read.

Other than the Pretty Little Liars books and this one (which trivializes the behavior, so I'm not counting), I'm not finding much of anything about FEMALE stalkers (although, then again, without having read the Marr or the Miranda, I don't know either stalker's identity, so maybe?). Do you know of any?