Trailer: Powers.

Note: Like the comic, the trailer is sweary. So, probs NSFW.

So, here are my thoughts:

1. Deena Pilgrim looks AWESOME. And ditching the half-shirt was probably a good idea.

2. I'm less-enthused about the casting of Christian Walker, because I've always imagined David Boreanaz in the role. Because how could I not?:

I mean, I realize that he's busy with Bones, but come on already, shouldn't Bones wrap it up at some point? Anyway, I'm not writing Copley off, I'm just saying that it could take me some time to warm up.

3. The trailer doesn't have the same feel as the book at ALL: having Walker narrate, which suggests that he's the character the show expects the viewer to identify with, whereas in the book—in the first arc at least, IIRC—it was Deena who took that role (not narrator, but audience stand-in); immediately revealing that Walker used to be a Power rather than allowing that slow reveal of a mystery-within-a-mystery; and it gives off a generic cop show vibe, rather than detective story mashed up with superhero story mashed up with noir-ish crime, which makes it feel less... SPECIAL.

BUT. All of that opinion is based entirely on a two-minute trailer, SO. I very well might be proved wrong about the iffy bits, and I hope I am.

And now I'm going to go and dig out the books, because it's clearly been way too long since I revisited them.