“But if a boy’s trouser snake addenda fell off in my hand, that would not be a comedy book, would it? That would be a MEDICAL book!”

Louise Rennison, on humor and Americans:

I should have known they wouldn’t get it. That their “humour” is different. The alarm bells should have been ringing when they bought Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging the book, and the Chief Hamburger said, “Congratulations, Ms Rennison, you are a genius and a very warm person.” (Now that is something I do admire the Americans for, their down-to-earth sincerity…) Where was I? Oh yes, then he said, “But what is “snoggling”?”



Let us think fondly now of Diary of a Chav, and imagine an alternate reality in which it caught on in the US.