Amazing Grace, by Megan Shull

amazing grace by megan shull.jpg

Grace "Ace" Kincaid is sixteen. She's gorgeous, rich and famous. She gets chauffeured around in a huge black SUV, gets free stuff from every famous designer imaginable and has a pink-rhinestone encrusted cellphone. She's a tennis phenomenon (so good that she sued the WTA so that she could turn pro at fourteen), has gazillion-dollar modeling contracts and her own cosmetics line. 

She wants out. She wants to have her own life, wants to be able to eat what she wants, wear what she wants, to be free from the stalking paparazzi. 

So she retires the day before the US Open and her mother, her lawyer and a former FBI agent spirit her away. To a rustic—read: electricity- and hot-water-free—cabin in Alaska.

Amazing Grace is a fun, light book for readers who love The Princess Diaries, etc. It isn't super-special, but it might make them think about the less-attractive aspects of fame. 

(Well, maybe.  It made me think about them. For a few minutes. Then I went and found the new People Magazine and made fun of celebrities until I felt normal again. When is Katie going to RUN?? Who wants to be on a freaking boat when they're 47 months pregnant??)