New YA: June 15-21.

RebellionNew hardbacks:

Dark Metropolis, by Jaclyn Dolamore:

If you’re not in a questioning frame of mind and would like an adventure with atmosphere, some chills, and a bit of romance, give it a try! If you’re feeling like something with stronger character development, give it a miss for now, and pick up Jenny Davidson’s excellent The Explosionist instead: While it’s different in tone—it’s a much quieter book—like Dark Metropolis, it’s about a European girl who stumbles upon a sinister, world-altering plot, but it’s meatier in every department.

Jex Malone, by C.L. Gaber and V.C. Stanley:

I really WANTED to like this book. I mean, based on the premise, it looks practically tailor-made for me. But, alas. The main, overarching reason it doesn’t work is this: It reads like two or three different drafts of the book were smooshed together into a non-cohesive, often incoherent mess.

The Body in the Woods (Point Last Seen), by April Henry

Rebellion (Tankborn Trilogy), by Karen Sandler

#scandal, by Sarah Ockler

Ruin and Rising (Grisha Trilogy), by Leigh Bardugo

Otherbound, by Corinne Duyvis Girl of nightmares

Blazed, by Jason Myers

No Dawn without Darkness: No Safety In Numbers: Book 3, by Dayna Lorentz

I Am the Mission (The Unknown Assassin), by Allen Zadoff

Graduation Day (The Testing), by Joelle Charbonneau

Fan Art, by Sarah Tregay and Melissa DeJesus

New paperbacks (that I've read):

Girl of Nightmares (Anna Dressed in Blood), by Kendare Blake:

If you still* haven’t read Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood, you may want to do that before reading what I have to say about the sequel, Girl of Nightmares. Because, you know. Spoilers. If you’re a fan of Supernatural or Buffy, though, you really must give the duology a try. Like both shows, it’s a fabulous combination of gore, humor, wit and intense creepiness that recognizes genre conventions while still being emotionally truthful about friendship, love, loss and sacrifice. To top it off, both books are printed in rust-colored ink: the color of blood