"Independent bookstores sell books from all publishers. Always."

While I have a love for independent bookstores—I worked in one for years and continue to shop in them on a regular basis—I also use Amazon a whole lot.

Because it's convenient; because it allows me to shop in my pajamas; because the prices allow more bang for my buck; because sometimes, I need a Lawrence Block book, a bolt of tulle, a pound of loose-leaf tea, and a new pair of tights, and taking three hours out of my weekend (not to mention all of that gas) to drive all over creation just isn't in the cards.

Their tactics in the battle with Hachette have me totally grossed out, though—because of how the authors are affected, but also because of how we as customers have been affected—and I haven't been able to bring myself to order from the big A lately. And so I'm glad to see that indies are taking advantage of the fight:

Now independent bookshops have moved to profit from the situation, after the American Booksellers Association produced two digital banners reading "Thanks, Amazon, the indies will take it from here", "Independent bookstores sell books from all publishers. Always", or "Pre-order and buy Hachette titles today". The association said the banners have been shared by hundreds of shops, quoting Bear Pond Books in Montpelier, Vermont, which wrote: "Can you imagine if your local bookstoreintentionally delayed selling you books just because we were mad at the publisher? Luckily at Bear Pond we actually like books and respect our customers!"

Because, all the way back to when I was an actual bookseller, I've always said that that's where indies have the upper hand: in building community, in their personal relationships with consumers, and in putting customer service first.