Challenged in NC: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian.

From Star News Online:

Wood is disturbed by profanity and sexual references in the book, written from the perspective of a Native American teenager. She cites her religious beliefs and "good morals" as to why she wants it off library shelves and out of students' hands.

"I'm Christian, OK? This is disgusting to me. It's very undesirable for our children to be reading, much less being taught, this kind of thing in a classroom." Wood said. "We don't use these words in Christian homes. I object to these words. I object to the masturbation."

While she has no children of her own enrolled in the district, Wood asked, "Is not every adult on this Earth responsible for the souls of all our children?"

What she seems to be suggesting here is that everyone in the world should conform to her exact same value system and worldview.

Which, obviously, doesn't work for me.

She also seems to assume that she's speaking for all Christians, everywhere, which I'm pretty sure is inaccurate.

Anyway. We shall see what happens.

In case the school district sounds familiar to you: It's the same place where The Color Purple was challenged (and retained) earlier this year.