• At the HuffPo: 26 Things Twin Peaks Taught Us.
  • The 2014 Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year has been awarded to How to Poo on a Date.
  • How to draw: Dinosaur Roar.
  • Huh. Meg Wolitzer's first novel ALSO dealt with Sylvia Plath. I bet it would be interesting to do a comparison-read.
  • At mental_floss: 10 Surprising Facts About Archie Comics. THERE WAS A TV MOVIE?? AND LAUREN HOLLY PLAYED BETTY??
  • Headdesk.
  • Christopher Myers: The Apartheid of Children’s Literature. "During my years of making children’s books, I’ve heard editors and publishers bemoan the dismal statistics, and promote this or that program that demonstrates their company’s “commitment to diversity.” With so much reassurance, it is hard to point fingers, but there are numbers and truths that stand in stark contrast to the reassurances. The business of children’s literature enjoys ever more success, sparking multiple movie franchises and crossover readership, even as representations of young people of color are harder and harder to find."
  • Walter Dean Myers: Where Are the People of Color in Children’s Books? "I needed more than the characters in the Bible to identify with, or even the characters in Arthur Miller’s plays or my beloved Balzac. As I discovered who I was, a black teenager in a white-dominated world, I saw that these characters, these lives, were not mine. I didn’t want to become the “black” representative, or some shining example of diversity. What I wanted, needed really, was to become an integral and valued part of the mosaic that I saw around me."
  • Everything Wrong with The Goonies in 8 Minutes or Less:


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