The Independent on Sunday will no longer be reviewing books that are "marketed to exclude either sex".

Angus thongs and full frontal snogging pinkFrom the Independent:

Happily, as the literary editor of The Independent on Sunday, there is something that I can do about this. So I promise now that the newspaper and this website will not be reviewing any book which is explicitly aimed at just girls, or just boys. Nor will The Independent’s books section. And nor will the children’s books blog at Any Girls’ Book of Boring Princesses that crosses my desk will go straight into the recycling pile along with every Great Big Book of Snot for Boys. If you are a publisher with enough faith in your new book that you think it will appeal to all children, we’ll be very happy to hear from you. But the next Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen will not come in glittery pink covers. So we’d thank you not to send us such books at all.

Well, then. I certainly understand not wanting to use up their limited amount of book coverage space on those For Girls/For Boys books, which so often seem to turn out to be quickly cobbled together anthologies of public domain literature and artwork. However, the derision geared towards the "glittery pink" covers was unnecessary, and smacks of the annoying People Who Like Glittery Pink Things Are Lesser People Than Those Who Do Not mentality.

Also, if they skip over all of those, they could miss out on the next Angus, which would make for much sadness.