Nordic crime for the YA set?

Snow white trilogyCOUNT ME IN.



From PW:

Simukka’s rapid success abroad is unusual for an author from Finland. Exceptions are Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories, historically the country’s most famous children’s book export; and the most internationally notable Finnish publishing story of recent years, Sofi Oksanen’s Purge, which appeared in English two years after it had picked up Finland’s most prestigious literary prize, Finlandia, and reached the top of national bestseller lists. The Snow White trilogy hasn’t yet become a bestseller, as adult fiction typically dominates the charts in Finland. But the series has gained international notice thanks in large part to a relatively new phenomenon in Simukka’s home country: the literary agency.

That said, I hope that the main character isn't ACTUALLY "Lisbeth Salander for a young adult audience", because I'm already somewhat tired of Salander-ish characters. And anyway, I still mantain that Salander herself isn't nearly as cool as Kathy Mallory, who is ALSO a damaged hacker genius-type, but whatevs.