Last week @KirkusReviews...

Eye-of-minds Eye-of-minds...I wrote about two books: James Dashner's The Eye of Minds, and Eliza Crewe's Cracked.

Short version? The Dashner will definitely appeal to his fanbase, but wasn't a particular stand out for me, while Cracked is flat-out AWESOME:

ADORED Eliza Crewe’s Cracked. It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s full of action and bare-handed decapitations. Meda’s voice is hilarious and snarky and brash and inhuman and original. She’s an art lover with a wonderfully morbid sense of humor, a monster who takes joy in brutal violence but who secretly hates herself for giving in to her mindless rage, and she’s a girl who’s all alone and just wants to know who she is. She's a quick thinker who considers every angle of a situation, and she doesn't yearn for humanity or, asBuffy’s Spike so wonderfully puts it, exhibit any of “that Anne Rice crap.” She's a mostly unrepentant killer who doesn't shy away from playing the damsel in distress card—even when she's the most dangerous thing in the room.

Thanks again for bearing with me as I recalibrate due to my new job: I'm slowly starting to regain normalcy, so I'm hoping to be posting with more regularity soon!