Donation of the day.

Black cityI live in a small town with a small library, and unsurprisingly, my small library has the sort of small budget that calls for lots of creative thinking and whatnot.

And since now—as of Monday!—I'm RUNNING THE SHOW at the library, I've decided to donate a book every day that I work. After all, I have PLENTY, and it'll make me happy to share.

Today's book: Black City, by Elizabeth Richards:

You've probably already guessed where the story is headed, and you aren't wrong: but that's not to say that there aren't some twists along the way. Since the prose stylings are neither squee-inducing nor remotely offensive, it'll be the plotting, the characters, and the world-building that attract or repel readers: and as Black City has a lot in common with other recent bestsellers, it should be pretty easy to figure out whether or not you should pick it up.

Unless otherwise noted, all donated books come from my personal collection, and have been reviewed by me, either here or at Kirkus Reviews.