The 2013 Carnegie Medal has been awarded to...

Maggot moon...Maggot Moon, by Sally Gardner.

From the Guardian:

Gardner, branded "unteachable" as a child and expelled by one of the numerous schools she attended, was 12 when she was diagnosed with severe dyslexia. The hero of her Carnegie-winning teen novel Maggot Moon, Standish Treadwell, is also dyslexic and is written off by teachers and bullied by his peers, who chant "Standish Treadwell / Can't read, can't write / Standish Treadwell / Isn't bright". But when his best friend Hector is arrested, Standish decides to take action against the oppressive power of the "monstrous Motherland" - an alternate version of 1950s England - where he lives.

Gardner has dedicated the book to "you the dreamers, overlooked at school, never won prizes ... You who will own tomorrow", and at the Carnegie's prize-giving ceremony she launched a stinging attack on Gove's "outdated" new curriculum, which, she said, "excludes rather than embraces those like me, and millions of others, with a different way of seeing and thinking".

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