April 16, 1912: The first woman flies across the English Channel.

Code name verityI've been trying to highlight older books in this series, but I'm going to go ahead and use Harriet Quimby's flight across the English Channel as an excuse to, once again, mention how fabulous Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Verity is: IT IS SUPER-DUPER-ULTRA FABULOUS, AND I SAY THAT EVEN THOUGH IT MADE ME CRY BUCKETS OF TEARS.

(Speaking of buckets of tears? Ten months after Harriet Quimby—she of the custom-made, purple satin flying suit—made the English Channel crossing, she and her manager died during an exhibition.

From Eyewitness to History:

On July 1st, during an exhibition, Harriet flew the event's manager with her to Boston Light at the harbor's entrance. On the return leg, the crowd watched in horror as the plane suddenly lurched and first the manager and then Harriet were flung to their deaths in the harbor 500 feet below. Harriet's aviation career had lasted only eleven months - her candle had burned briefly but brightly.

Ag. But, back to happier things: LIKE HER JUMPSUIT.)

Anyway, Code Name Verity. Love it.

Love it, love it, love it some more.