Are you a fan of Elizabeth Peters? (And/or Barbara Michaels?)

I have declared March 3-9 to be PETERSWEEK* in these here parts.

SO. If you'd like to join in, definitely do send me your contribution**—something about why you love her, your first experience reading her, your favorite character or book or series—at bookshelvesofdoom AT gmail DOT com! I'll round them up and post them throughout the week. Be sure to include info about who YOU are, including your blog (if you have one), Twitter handle (ditto), etc.

Or, of course, if you'd like to post something at your own blog, just let me know when you do, and I'll round up the links! Same goes for tweets with the #elizabethpeters hashtag.


*I am totally open to changing the name if anyone has anything more ridiculously puntastic to suggest...

**It doesn't have to be an essay or anything—this is supposed to be a fun lovefest, not homework!