GIVEAWAY: Dark Companion, Foretold, AND Opposite of Hallelujah.

Dark companion   Foretold   Opposite of hallelujah

Due to my overactive trigger finger, I have in my possession two finished copies of Dark Companion. And it would be silly to keep them both, especially given that I had SO MANY ISSUES* with the book. (<--But, hey, you might like it more!) Due to shipping errors, I also have extra copies of Foretold, edited by Carrie Ryan, and The Opposite of Hallelujah, by Anna Jarzub. 

If you'd like to be entered in a WINNER TAKES ALL drawing for my extra copies of all three books, you have a few ways to enter:

  • If you haven't nominated books for the Cybils yet, do. Each nomination will result in an extra entry in the drawing. (In other words, if you nominate one book, you get one entry. If you nominate three, you get three entries. But remember, Cybils rules dictate that you only get one nomination per category, that nominated titles have to fall within the date parameters, and that you can't nominate titles that have already been nominated. See the rest of the rules here.) Let me know in the comments of this post what you nominated, and in what categories. ONLY ELIGIBLE NOMINATIONS WILL COUNT TOWARDS THIS DRAWING.
  • Never fear, those of you who've already nominated titles: you can enter this drawing in two ways! Tweet and/or blog about A) this drawing, B) the Cybils Award, or C) do all four. Yes, a post about both things will count twice, but you'll need to include links to both. Same goes for Tweets. Post the links in the comments below. Tweeps, don't forget the #cybils hashtag.
  • ALSO! If you write/Tweet about as-yet-overlooked titles, I'll give you an entry for each title, but you also have to tell us why you think it should be considered for the award. Again, ONLY ELIGIBLE TITLES COUNT, AND ONLY IF IT HASN'T BEEN NOMINATED AT THE TIME YOU DO THE RECOMMENDINGLinks in the comments section below.
  • Yes, you can enter in any combination of the above, as long as you don't double up on anything. (Multiple recommended titles, fine, but not multiple recommendations of the same title. You know what I mean.)
  • If you don't blog or Tweet, you can recommend titles below (and tell us why you're recommending them), and I'll both give you entries for each one and write a round-up of recommendations.

You dig? Good. Let's get the word out about the Cybils, shall we?

Go for it. Entries end Friday at 5pm EST.


*I really ought to write about it at some point.

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