An ordinary evening at our house.


*animals all go into high-alert*

Me: Calm down, guys, he's totally outside.

Ten minutes pass.

*chipmunk tears ass across the living room*

Me: You were right, you were right! I take it back!

*animals all run in opposite directions*
*chipmunk runs under the ottoman my feet are on*
*all animals converge on ottoman, but chipmunk somehow escapes into kitchen*
*Josh falls off the couch laughing as I squawk incoherently*

*Jane disappears into kitchen*
*much jiggling of dog tags occurs, as we look at each other in horror*
*Jane returns from kitchen with dead chipmunk, drops it on the living room floor, and vomits from the excitement of it all*


Addendum: Despite the fact that the chipmunk is A) very dead and B) no longer inside, the cats are still in Super Hunter Mode. Jane, meanwhile, is passed out on the couch.

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