The Boys: The Name of the Game, #2 -- Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson

Boys 2In which we are introduced to three more members of the team: the Frenchman (lanky, loquacious, completely bananas when enraged), the Female (tiny, quiet, capable of insanely insane violence), and Mother's Milk (huge, tidy, single father, haven't seen him fight yet).

Also, Butcher continues to work on courting Wee Hughie into joining the team.

Artwork? Same deal as last time. It works just fine, but I'm not super-excited about it. The shape of Butcher's face is strangely inconsistent. I continue to like how the shots are framed, though, and the little details: for instance, when we first meet them, the Frenchman and the Female are both dressed like Butcher (trench coat, big boots), while Mother's Milk—the only member of the team who has reservations about re-joining—isn't.

Storyline? As I've mentioned, if you prefer your comics without sex, violence, and/or profanity, you'll probably want to skip The Boys. Everyone else, read on.

Although we don't get any backstory on the Frenchman or the Female—he goes from zero to sixty and beats the crap out of some yahoos in a coffee shop, she's clearly doing some hit-work for the mob—we learn a bit about Mother's Milk's history, and we get to see that Butcher genuinely cares about him.

We also get to see Butcher's version of "cheering Wee Hughie up", which involves a dog-on-dog rape. Or at least a serious humping. A scene which is made all the more... something... when you realize that at some point in the past, Butcher trained Terror to respond to that command.


Issue #1.