The Stalker Chronicles -- Carley Moore

Stalker chronicles

Fifteen-year-old Cammie Bliss has a reputation.

And it's actually kind of warranted: she's a stalker.

She just doesn't seem to have the same "embarrassment barometer" that other girls have. By the time hers kicks in, she's already gone way, way, way too far.

Now, though, a new boy has moved to town, and despite her reputation, he seems to actually like Cammie. So she's going to see if she can rein herself in and, you know, get to know him without stalking him.

Meanwhile, her younger brother is dating one of the most popular girls in school, and her parents' marriage is falling apart.

TL;DR: Social Outcast Learns A Lesson and Falls In Lurrrve.

Pros: Cammie's voice, is funny, peppy, and smart, and sometimes sounds like an old lady, but in a good way. Some snippets:

I lived in a constant state of fear that I would say something stupid to a boy because for pretty much my whole life I'd only said stupid things to boys. (p8)


How did teachers forget this stuff? How did they forget high school? When I looked at Mr. Mendez, I didn't see Homecoming King or Quarterback or even Class Treasurer. I saw Nerd. I saw Poetry Nerd. I saw maybe Gay Poetry Nerd. How could he forget what it was like to have to share your work with a bunch of snarling, back-biting, soul-destroying teenagers? Didn't he remember what it was like when a cheerleader was in a class with someone like me? It wasn't as if Kristy Day and I suddenly forgot our not-so-silent hatred for each other and came together for the sake of the work. (p12)


He was probably one of those new hip nerds, the well-dressed ones that were taking over Hollywood. We didn't have any in Lakewood yet, but it was only a matter of time. (p30) (<--This one is an especially good example of the cute old lady vibe.)

Cons: While Cammie's voice is engaging, the storyline is snoozy-generic, most of the characterization is pretty thin, and I didn't connect emotionally with with anyone or anything. 

Nutshell: I'd put it in the same quality category as My Awesome/Awful Popularity Plan: enjoyable enough while reading, but ultimately forgettable.


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Book source: ILLed through my library.