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Bloodlines (2011):

Just because it isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some strengths, too: despite those problems with her voice, I genuinely liked Sydney as a character. She’s got some legitimate flaws—her upbringing instilled in her an almost pathological fear of magic and some borderline bigotry towards vampires—which is so unusual in a paranormal heroine. Boys don’t fall in lurrrve with her left and right, and she doesn’t swoon after every dude she meets, either.

The Golden Lily (2012):

 Despite the plot holes and the issues with unbelievable characterization (Sydney's convenient on-again/off-again social skills and/or deductive reasoning), I continue to find this series completely enjoyable. While Sydney's cluelessness about Adrian's Feelings for her (not to mention SPOILER BUT IT'S OBVIOUS her cluelessness about her own Lack of Feelings for Brayden END SPOILER) does get a tad grating, it's also nice to see a paranormal heroine who isn't constantly having the Which Dude Is The Dude For Her internal debate.