So, in case you missed it..., Kelly at Stacked wrote about the recent ALA convention in Anaheim and about the movement of ARCs out of said convention:

It's not going to be easy to find a solution to this, but something needs to be done. I do not for a second believe that all non-librarian/non-teacher/non-ALA members who blog are bad people. What I am saying, though, is those few rotten apples are spoiling this for EVERYONE, and they're spoiling it for people who are working hard, who should be able to treat themselves to something they are interested in, be it an ARC or be it having a second to talk with a publishing rep.

It's a thoughtful post, and the conversation in the comments is (mostly) thoughtful, measured, and civil.

The same can not be said of what went down on Twitter.

There were bright spots, of course.

Me? I avoided the whole thing by playing Kingdom Rush.