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Clarity (2011):

My main issue with the book—and this is very blunt—was the writing. Much of it is stilted and bland, with a lot of telling rather than showing, and the dialogue is rarely believable.

Perception (2012):

A solid little mystery—with some red herrings that tripped me up—about a likable sleuth who, in addition to the boy dramarama and the missing girl, has to deal with a pack of Mean Girls AND put up with having a telepathic mother.

The Dead and Buried (2013):

In addition to the murder mystery and the ghost story, there's a whole thread about Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca. Jade is reading it in class, and while there's not a huge focus on it—this isn't a straight-up retelling like New Girlthere are loads of parallels, and they pop up in complicated, inventive ways. No character in The Dead and Buried perfectly represents another one in Rebecca: rather, most of them have traits or backgrounds that mirror multiple facets of different characters. Also, in the second half of the book, Jade starts actively noticing the parallels, which makes for some rather hilarious lines.

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