On required reading.

From BlogHer:

How sad, then, to live a life where reading is not a pleasure, but a chore. Where a book is nothing more than another assignment; something you are supposed to do, even if you don't want to. One of the most misguided aspects of compulsory schooling is the idea that all children must learn to read at the same age. Not only must they learn to read, but they must love reading.

But who can love something that is forced upon them before they are ready?

While I agree with the author that it would be nice if students weren't turned off by required reading, I rather think that her suggested approach is kind of blue-skies-y. It assumes, for one thing, that they've got parents at home who are going to be monitoring things.

I'm all for people loving to read—OBVIOUSLY—but basic literacy is important, too.

(Am I just being crabby? I've been fighting a losing battle against a cold for, like, a week now, so my spirits are rather low.)