Clearing out my tabs: a links roundup.

  • A roundup of literary Tumblrs.
  • The Underground NYPL.
  • Maria Tatar on that cache of new fairy tales: "Our own culture, under the spell of Grimm and Perrault, has favored fairy tales starring girls rather than boys, princesses rather than princes. But Schönwerth’s stories show us that once upon a time, Cinderfellas evidently suffered right alongside Cinderellas, and handsome young men fell into slumbers nearly as deep as Briar Rose’s hundred-year nap. Just as girls became domestic drudges and suffered under the curse of evil mothers and stepmothers, boys, too, served out terms as gardeners and servants, sometimes banished into the woods by hostile fathers. Like Snow White, they had to plead with a hunter for their lives. And they are as good as they are beautiful—Schönwerth uses the German term “schön,” or beautiful, for both male and female protagonists.
  • NPR breaks the rules for an 11-year-old author.
  • Bitches in Bookshops:
  • [youtube]
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