Almost Final Curtain: Vampire Princess, #2 -- Tate Hallaway

Almost Final Curtain

Ana(stasija) Parker, high schooler in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the daughter of the local Boss Witch. She's also the daughter of the local vampire ruler.

That puts her in a tough position, as witches and vampires are at odds, what with the whole Witches Used To Use Vampires As Slaves thing.

Also problematic? She's half-vampire, dating a vampire hunter, and last time around, got accidentally betrothed to a vampire. (Oops.)

On top of that, her vampire hunter boyfriend (who's in a Super Cool band) is doing the music for her school play, which is ALL AWKWARD because A) she'd prefer for him to not think of her as a high school girl and B) she's feeling some weird chemistry with this ginormous toolbox of a jock bigot AND ALSO a statue capable of controlling all vampires has just resurfaced.


  • Easy peasy breezy paranormal, without any mega angst. (Just regular angst, not Bella-angst.)
  • The take on vampires—that they're like "blood-drinking elves" who love nature—is fun. Because they aren't all suave and whatnot. They're more apt to run around barefoot and climb trees than wear capes or drive Volvos. So that's nice. Actually, as they're all about Nature and the witches are all about Nature, you'd think that they'd get along better. Sigh. Isn't that always the way?


  • Ana. I only need you to explain things once. Bea (your best friend) has a thing for Nik (your boyfriend). I GET IT. 
  • Speaking of Bea, I HATE HER. I think I'm supposed to like her (see: what happens at the end), but she's almost uniformly awful. But maybe she'll grow on me next time around.

Recommended to: Oh, you know. Fans of Meg Cabot, Cate Tiernan, etc.


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