New YA deals...

... from Publishers Marketplace:

Journalist Gard Skinner's GAME SLAVES, set in the world of online video games and told from the revolutionary perspective of the villains who fight gamers in the world's top-selling games, it imagines a scenario in which these virtual figures have become self-aware and make the transition to the actual world to search for their identities, to Julia Richardson at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's.

Jennifer L. Armentrout's DON'T LOOK BACK, pitched as Black Swan meets Pretty Little Liars, featuring a teen girl who had it all until the night she and her friend go missing, and she loses all recollection of who she is, but must piece together a life she no longer wants and the events that led to her friend's disappearance, to Emily Meehan at Disney-Hyperion, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal.

The second one sounds like it'll be Mind Candy Unchained.

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