And a good time was had by all.

Biroca blast 2011 coverCamp is over for the year*. Like everyone else, I'm finding it bittersweet: I was so sad to see the guys (campers and CITs and counselors and staff alike) go, but I'm so happy that Josh and I are suddenly going to have free time again. Entire days off: THE IDEA!

Anyway, any doubts that we had as to whether or not the campers even noticed us on campus this summer—two days a week isn't a whole lot, and there's always so much going on to compete with—were put to rest when the Senior Campers announced the dedication on this year's Biroca Blast (the camp yearbook):

"We are proud to dedicate the 2011 Biroca Blast to three devoted Birch Rockers who bring with them a new energy, a new reading experience, and a fun-loving attitude (plus Jane Dog) to our weekends, which has made out time here more vibrant."

And that's just the first paragraph. Needless to say, I cried all over the breakfast table.


*Although I came home to find two HUGE packages of books from the ever-lovely Amanda -- so those are the beginning of the pile to bring to camp next summer. In the meantime, I get to read them! La la la la la.

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