Time to vote!

Now that they've winnowed all of the nominations down to a list of 100, NPR wants us to pick the 10 best SF/F novels ever written.

I haven't even looked at the list yet, and I know that it's going to be tough.

(Before anyone gets ticked, YA was excluded because they're going to do a separate YA list later. Which makes me happy, in that I'm glad they're doing a YA list, but sad, in that there's plenty of YA that would hold its own against adult books. And because relegating them to their own list sort of continues the ghettoization of YA. And because I know that there are loads of new-to-YA readers who might've gotten pulled in by the inclusion of Pullman or Anderson or Bacigalupi or Collins or whomever. But, then again, doing a YA list will bring lots of attention to the YA*. And, you know. Lists are lists are lists, and this one is theirs.)


*Hmmm. This is starting to sound like the pro/con arguments for specialized book awards...