Stephen R. Bissette (in support of Jack Kirby) calls for a boycott of Marvel/Disney products.

From his blog:

I put it to you, ladies and gentlemen, that San Diego Comicon 2012 should be the least comfortable event Marvel or any fleeting participant in any product, movie, videogame, or anything derived from Jack Kirby’s Marvel legacy, should ever attend in the history of comicbook conventions—if you make sure it is.

But there’s a lot to do—or rather, not do—between now and then.

After all, given the biggest news in the comics industry this week, in a vertebrate world, pros would cease working for Marvel and any Marvel product that involved Jack Kirby’s co-creations or derivations of Jack Kirby’s co-creations.

Fandom would cease buying/supporting any Marvel product, including its movies, in Jack’s memory.

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