Withering Tights -- Louise Rennison

Withering tights Obviously, Withering Tights is the best title ever, especially for a book about a girl who leaves home to go to a Performing Arts school in Yorkshire, which is populated by dark and dour men (young and old), insane women, and terrifying wildlife.

First off, it should be noted that I read the British version, and even though I read and watch a whole lot of stuff from the UK, there were some phrases that had me wishing for a glossary*. I assume, if the language doesn't get changed at all, that the US publisher will add one.

Even though they're set in different locales and the Georgia books are filled with more hilariousity, they're pretty much the same series. To wit:

Tallulah = Georgia

Despite Tallulah's genetic predisposition towards banana-osity—she is, after all, Georgia's younger cousin—she is more sensitive than Georgia. She's also nicer, both in her thoughts and in her actions. That makes her less hilarious, but those who had a hard time with Georgia may enjoy Tallulah more. She's also inherited Georgia's comedy moustache, which she eventually puts to good use.

Knees = Nose, etc.

Tallulah feels that her legs are abnormally long, is very self-conscious about her knees, and is concerned that her corkers will never grow. See Georgia's nose, eyebrows and nunga-nungas.

Tiny Corkers = Huge Nunga-Nungas

Tallulah also has a cute name for her roundy lady bits.

Vaisey, Jo, Flossie & Honey = Jas & the gang

Like Jas & Co., completely nuts.

Vaisey + Jack = Jas + Tom

Besties who end up in mostly stable relationships.

Connie the owl = Angus the cat

Connie's not domesticated, but then, Angus hardly was.

Mrs. Rochester = Elvis

Bob the handyman/sound guy is like Elvis the groundskeeper, with a little Tommy Saxondale thrown in.

Lavinia = Wet Lindsey

Lavinia is more passive-aggressive, though.

Dibdobs & Harold = Mutti & Vati

Tallulah's host parents are easily as insane as Georgia's parents. Just in an over-the-top wholesome way, rather than in the Nicholson's embarrassing Tune-in-Tokyo way.

Max & Sam = Libby

The psycho Dobbins twins are like a much scarier boy version of Libby. Times two.

Ruby = Libby

A very mature, ten-year-old version of Libby. But she does pile into bed with Lullah. And she brings her dog, Matilda. So, no diaper, but still stinky.

Cain Hinchcliff = Masimo

Well, if Masimo was a dark, broody, Heathcliff-ish bad boy from Yorkshire. He's the only one who doesn't quite match up, actually. Fitting that it's the Heathcliff character who's being difficult, eh?

Ben = Whelk Boy

Alex = Robbie the Sex God

Charlie = Dave the Laugh

But, I'm sure that all anyone really wants to know is how it measures up to the Georgia Nicholson books. Well, even though Tallulah is less of a caricature than Georgia, Georgia still has my heart. But Withering Tights was still wicked fun and it made me laugh out loud and there's no way that I won't read the sequel whenever it appears.


*In case anyone out there doesn't know, unflatteringly large underwear can be referred to as "apple catchers".


Book source: ILLed through my library.