"This is a judgement-free zone."

Thank you, Bull Moose Sanford, for:

  • Having a $3 copy of Wrong Turn (Eliza Dushku in a white tank top fighting inbred hillbillies = Josh is so happy) AND
  • Having Season Five of 90210 for less than $20 (I cannot pay more than $20 on such awful television, yet it makes me so happy) AND
  • For staffing your store with such cheerful, friendly employees.

I really mean it about that last one: In a lot of music/movie stores, buying such a ridiculous combination would have earned me The Look, if I'd even been lucky enough to get any sort of personal attention. But at Bull Moose Sanford, my choice resulted in the above quote AND a gigglefest between me, Josh and the three people at the counter.

ETA: I just realized that I didn't mention -- and this is key, so I can't believe I didn't say it originally -- that the cashier said that in response to some crack *I* made about my truly embarrassing purchases.

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