...Miss Lemon:

2.18.11 041 

Yes, she's named after Hercule Poirot's secretary. If you saw her in action, you wouldn't question it -- she just moves like a Miss Lemon. She was a stray, so she's so extremely thin that it's almost painful:

2.18.11 046 

And we haven't managed to snap a picture of her face, so this is the picture from the AWS website:


As she's from the Siamese family, she's a talker. And when I say talker, I mean TALKER. Like, if I'm in a room with the door closed -- say, the bathroom -- she cries until I let her in with me. Also, at night, she demands to go under the covers. Which is hilarious, as on cold nights, that's where Jane is, too.

Speaking of Jane, I found this piece of hilariousness on the camera when I uploaded those:

2.18.11 004 

I don't know why she was standing on the rototiller. Probably looking for mice.

Anyway, there will be pictures of Cat #2 at some point, but Josh hasn't named her yet.

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