New job update.

Excelllllent 1. I've already trained a bunch of students to check the corner of my desk regularly for extra ARCs and other books I bring in.

2. Tonight, I had a great chat with a student who's a HUGE reader, and'll be into having books chucked his way...

3. well as another student who's an avowed non-reader -- he said that he hated everything he had to read in high school (specifically Poe and Shelley*), but he did mention a few books he's read since, so I'm thinking that I might turn him around... I do love a challenge.

4. Relatedly, I've been finding lots of articles/papers about the need for more Reader's Advisory services in academic libraries. I wield a mean highlighter.

5. Oh, and I've ILLed approximately one billion books for myself, and threw, like, six books at my library director today. Including Liar. And Shadowed Summer. And Slob. Just in time for February Vacation. Heh heh heh.

Look out, World of Academia: I am going to make you read for pleasure, regardless of how much homework you have!


*Sadface! But not surprising. It's a great illustration of why I believe so strongly that You Need To Learn To Love To Read First, And You'll Eventually Find Your Way To The Classics. Or some classics, anyway. (Before anyone does any pearl-clutching or back-of-the-hand-to-foreheading or even headdesking, I'm not saying that the Classics Shouldn't Be Taught. I just think that there's got to be a way to engage/connect students with literature that involves something other than attempting to crowbar Hawthorne into them. And I say that as a Hawthorne Fan.)