Err... this seems like a slight overreaction.

Tyrell In Gary, Indiana:

When Danetta Thomas’ fourth-grade son brought a popular but controversial book home from the Jefferson Elementary School library last October, the Gary, Ind., woman said she became upset and hired an attorney without ever taking her complaints to the school principal or district officials.

Tyrell in an elementary school library sounds odd, no question. I'd think it much more appropriately shelved in middle school and high school libraries. And I could totally see why she'd be interested in seeing what the district's collection development policy is.

But to hire an attorney? Before even talking to anyone at the school? Gosh.

Now that the situation has been resolved -- it's getting moved to the high school -- Ms. Thomas is reserving the right to sue the district anyway, because her son may have been damaged by the book. In her words, he's been subjected to "molestation of the mind".