Update on the Bitch magazine YA 100 list/book removal brouhaha:

Response from the Executive Director (which can be found on page two of the comments, timestamp February 2, 2011 - 11:25am):

If ever it is appropriate to characterize Bitch Media monolithically, it is safe to say that Bitch Media is an organization that loves books and we have a particular love for YA books.

There are thousands of YA books that we would heartily recommend and lend and passionately discuss and debate.

But we made a list of 100. Lists like these evolve and change. In some iterations a book isn’t listed, later it’s back again. Lists are idiosyncratic, biased and not the be all and end all. With the thousands of choices, there will always be some reason to choose one book over another.

I know for writers, readers and promoters of books, removal from a list can be a red flag, a call to action, a slippery slope toward book banning and censorship.

That’s simply not the case here. We’re proud to have all the books removed from the list available in our library (and, yes, it is a physical lending library in Portland, OR). I sincerely hope that more people buy, read, and discuss these books because of this discussion. But they’re not on this list.

And for those authors who have asked to be removed from the list, we respect your support for fellow authors, but it’s our list, with of our recommendations for young adults, and we think your books merit inclusion at this time. We don’t remove the books because we are asked; we remove or include them based on our judgment.

For these decisions, you can castigate or praise us, but I’ll hope you’ll do so in solidarity with an organization that promotes discussion and debate and condemns censorship.

Julie Falk, Executive Director, Bitch Media

Color me unimpressed. Sure, it's their list, but refusing to remove the authors who've specifically requested to be removed is disrespectful at best. And unless I missed it, they've never responded to any of the comments disagreeing with the complaints about the books that were removed in the first place.




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