This time, I've got a good reason...

...for being behind in my posting.

Life is a bit bananas at the moment, as I'm about to switch jobs! Which is exciting! Woo!

I'll be moving from the public library I've been at for the last seven years to the community college library one town over. So it'll be a big change, in terms of library type and population and collection and there'll be heavier reference work (rather than readers' advisory) and all that jazz, but it's a much-wanted change and I'm SUPER excited. Which I already said.

Anyway, I'm going to miss my patrons here* DESPERATELY, but I'll meet new patrons (and actually, there's a bit of crossover, too), and I'm weirdly excited about going from the Dewey system to the Library of Congress system, and LIFE IS JUST LOOKING ALL SHINY NEW!


*Well, most of them...