A few morning links.

I have a whole pile of books to write about, but... I procrastinated this morning, and now it's almost time to head into work. A few links:

  • Buckets of British drama from the '50s and '60s, thought lost forever, has been discovered in the US. While the mention of Patrick Troughton has me hoping for some of the lost Doctor Who episodes, I'm pretty sure that A) the article would have mentioned it if there were any and B) it was pretty clear that everything found was more highbrow dramatic. Still very cool, though.
  • SLJ's Heavy Medal blog is up and running again, and Mock Newbery and Printz action is ramping up all over the internet.
  • Great Quote FAIL.
  • A Regretsy round-up of 9/11 memorabilia and more. This is a big part of why I didn't get a review written this morning. I just kept scrolling down and down, and my jaw just kept dropping lower and lower. Much of it isn't just hideous, but flat-out offensive.
  • This article should have been written at least a year ago, at least in terms of the publishing angle. Which means that next year, or the year after, we'll see an article about how "OMG, angels are, like, the newest thing ever!" Yeesh.
  • From Publisher's Lunch:

NYT bestselling author Ellen Hopkins' first adult novel TRIANGLES, about the dark side of love and friendship for three women at mid-life, as they face infidelity, the trials of parenting adolescents, and turning forty, to Sarah Branham at Atria, for two books, by Laura Rennert at Andrea Brown Literary Agency (world). 

  •  And, just because sometimes I need a little dose of adorable in the morning, here's a baby porcupine eating a banana:


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