A quandary.

Idris Elba, whom¹ I adore, is going to be in the new Alex Cross movie based on the James Patterson books.  (And the guy who made Pitch Black is directing.)

A lovely paycheck/name-maker² for Mr. Elba, I'm sure, but my Big Question is:  Can/will I get past my knee-jerk-nose-wrinkles re: All Things James Patterson to see it?  (And I'm not even talking shelling out at movie theater prices.  I'm talking Netflix.)


¹(?)It feels right, but it might not be.  See the footnote in the previous post.

²Among a broader audience, I mean.  Not among those of us who shrieked, "OMG STRINGER BELL IS AT DUNDER MIFFLIN!  STRINGER BELL IS A--" until getting beaned by pillows by our loving husbands.  Come on.  I know I was not the only one.