Audio update #2: Pillars of the Earth.

Pillars of the earth I'm enjoying Philip so much more than Tom the Builder.  I liked how he dealt with the difficult monk and the story of how he came to his forest home, and I'm enjoying seeing him struggle with the world of politics.  And I was happy that the reader was able to convey Philip's roar without actually yelling into the microphone.

The description of his parents' death was as gross as anything I've ever read by Stephen King.

Ellen's golden eyes continue to be mentioned every time she appears.  Sigh.

Follett is also continuing to explain EVERYTHING to me.  Like, he'll describe something and then tell me exactly how to interpret his description.  An example, from page 120 (I looked it up):

Waleran made no reply.  He was staring at the family as they walked across the compound.  All his poise and composure had deserted him.  His mouth was open and his eyes were staring.  He looked like a man suffering a shock.  [My emphasis.]

Yeesh.  That said, now I'm looking forward to the confrontation between Waleran and Ellen & Co., if there is one.

Oh, and Waleran's physical description is hilariously similar to Severus Snape's.



Audio update.
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