On Kirkus.

By now, I'm sure you know that Kirkus will soon be no more. 

And by now, I'm sure that you've seen the plethora of responses to the news.

I'm in the I'm-going-to-miss-it camp.  Not just because I'm pro-negative reviews -- which I am* -- but also because it seemed like they often had a different take on books than the other outlets, and generally, the more varied the responses, the more interested I get.


*Not because I'm a Super Mean Lady, but because I like it when people are straightforward** and I feel that wearing rose-colored glasses somehow, I don't know, lessens the subject.  Like if a review withholds criticism and pulls punches, somehow it isn't treating the subject seriously.  I don't know if that actually makes any real sense to anyone other than myself.

**If a book drives a reviewer so bananas that s/he throws it at the wall, I WANT TO KNOW, you know?

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