The Big Read V: The Woman in White -- Wilkie Collins

Holy cow, I can't believe I've gearing up for the fifth Big Read.  Although maybe I shouldn't count BRIV, as I totally bailed on it.  But I do count BRI, BRII and BRIII as complete successes.  And it would be confusing to use the same number twice.  So.

BR5 There was a bit of dissent, and I did give it quite a bit of thought.  Ultimately, I decided to go with my first choice. 

For The Big Read V, I (and any of you who would like to join me) will be reading Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White.

Why did I decide to go with it?  Two reasons.

First, I want to re-read it.  And, you know.  My house, my rules.  Second (and far more importantly), I'm kind of scared of CC.

So.  This is the schedule I'll be following:

January 6:  The First Epoch:  The Story Begun by Walter Hartright, Chapters I-VIII

January 8:  Walter Hartright, Chapters IX-XV

January 11:  The Story Continued by Vincent Gilmore; The Story Continued by Marian Halcombe

January 13:  The Second Epoch:  The Story Continued by Marian Halcombe, Chapters I-V

January 15:  Marian Halcombe, Chapters VI-X; Postscript

January 18:  The Story Continued by Frederick Fairlie, Esq.; The Story Continued by Eliza Michelson

January 20:  The Story Continued in Several Narratives (This is a really short section, which will allow for any needed catching up.)

January 22:  The Third Epoch:  The Story Continued by Walter Hartright, Chapters I-VI

January 25:  Walter Hartright, Chapters VII-XI

January 27:  The Story Continued by Mrs. Catherick; The Story Continued by Walter Hartright, Chapters I-VII

January 29:  The Story Continued by Isidor, Ottavio, Baldassare Fosco; The Story Concluded by Walter Hartright, Chapters I-III

If you'd like to read along with me, awesome!  If you'd like to blog along with me, even more awesome -- when you post, just let me know so I can compile a list of links as I've done in the past.

I'm going to use a library copy (or my own if I can find one up in the attic), but it's in the public domain, so it's available at Project Gutenberg and other places online, and I'm sure there are bazillions of used copies for sale at all of the usual places.

I'm looking forward to this one -- I hope there's a lot of conversation!