Alice McKinley, Nancy Drew, and Wilkie Collins.

Planning some post-Cybil reading:

  • This review of the new Alice McKinley book made me laugh like a loon AND get all nostalgic.  Now I want to go back and re-read the series.  And then get caught up.
  • Speaking of books that are maddening AND wonderful... this blogger is running a Nancy Drew challenge next year.  She's challenging people to read all 56 of the original books (well, the yellow versions) in a year.  As the challenge allows for skipping those we've already read, I'd only need to read 46, which sounds so much more do-able than 56.  I'm still debating.
  • As I didn't run a Big Read this month, I'm thinking about running one in January.  And I'm thinking about making it Wilkie Collins' Woman in White, in honor of its 150th anniversary.  This was the article that inspired me.  Sound fun?
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