Now taking orders for TBR Tallboy #2.

Tbr2 TBRT #2 is almost ready to print and will ship next week.  Readers of TBRT #1 will be familiar with some of the names in the line up -- but there'll be plenty of new discoveries as well.

Volume 1, Number 2 begins in high summer and ends with a snowfall.  More specifically, you'll find:

a period piece about raking blueberries and taking chances,
the realization that any friendship is not necessarily good friendship,
an Aiken-esque fantasy,
a modern tribute to Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry,
a story about grief and lemon meringue pie,
a pizza delivery guy who has an experience straight out of a pulp-horror magazine,
and the dangers of actually speaking to your long-term crush.

As always, if you're interested in submitting, check out the guidelines, and if you have thoughts about the stories, suggestions, ideas about you'd like to see TBRT do in the future or anything else -- write to

Shipping Destination
USA $5.00 Canada $6.50 Everywhere Else $8.00