HeightsThat's the only word to describe my relationship with Heathcliff and Cathy*.  Regardless of the setting, era or their names, I think I'll always want to punch them both in the face.

So, due to nothing other than my own issues, I've decided to stop reading The Heights, Brian James' contemporary re-imagining of Wuthering Heights.  Because otherwise I might get more violent than I already am.

But someone else with a higher tolerance for their assiness should read it to let me know how it is. 

Because I am curious.  And I'd like to know if I should just get over myself and keep reading.

Maybe I'll talk my long-suffering co-worker into taking it home.


*Oh, except for Heathcliff in Wuthering High.  But he was funny in that one.  And he was played for laughs in at least one of the Jasper Fforde books, too.