New star for Footloose remake.

I love my Nate Archibald, but I don't know about this:

"I don’t know if the gymnastics [high bar] scene is going to make it," says Crawford, who’s about to embark on an Ortega-plotted training regimen. "I’ve got some movement in me, but I’m not a dancer," he admits. "I need to start stretching now."

It seems kind of silly to cast a non-dancer for the lead role in a movie about a guy who tries to bring dance back to town.

I will drown my sorrows with this:

And maybe I need the original, too.  Look!  ANGRY DANCE!:

I'm only slightly embarrassed that I sang along with the song.  Sadly I was unable to find a picture of baby Kevin Bacon in his tiny blue-and-yellow bathing suit from Friday the 13th.  THAT would have put my sorrows to rest for sure.

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