Reading slump and other sadness.

I'm in a reading slump.  In the middle of no less than four books and none of them are doing a whole lot for me.  NO FUN!

In yay news, though, we watched the Fringe season finale last night, and WHOA.  Many crazy things ensued/were revealed.  But this whole following-the-show-as-it-airs-rather-than-waiting-until-there-are-multiple-seasons-on-DVD thing is for the birds.  I need instant gratification, dammit, not three (four?) months of waiting for Season Two.  HA-rumph.

Also, I ran over a chipmunk on the way to work yesterday.  Why did he wait until the car was right in front of him AND THEN dive into the road?  What on the world could cause a chipmunk to become suicidal?

AND we have a staff meeting this morning.  How depressing.