Recent A/V.

  • Although I've defended it up, down and sideways to Josh*, I have to say that Happy-Go-Lucky didn't do a whole lot for me.  There were performances, characters and themes I appreciated -- and I'm way impressed that the driving scenes were mostly improvised -- but overall?  It isn't one I'll be gushing about to patrons.  All of the rave reviews have me feeling like I'm some sort of soulless beast.
  • On the other hand, last night we watched the first half of the Fingersmith miniseries (which also stars Sally Hawkins), and WOW.  It's fantastic.  We went into it with different perspectives -- I've read it**, Josh has not -- so as we watched, I was all happy about how faithful it was to the book and how the performances were superb in that they reflected the different layers of the story so that someone who already Knew All would be able to enjoy the movie just as much (if not more) than someone who didn't, WHILE also feeling smug about Josh grumbling about having to watch another movie starring Poppy*** but then getting pulled into the story and starting to pester me along the lines of, "They're going to team up and kill him.  Right?  Right?" and I had to keep shushing him and saying "There are MANY TWISTS!  JUST WATCH THE MOVIE!".

It's so nice when it feels like all of the actors have actually read the source material.  So that was fun.  Second half tonight, I hope.  And then I'll have to read another Sarah Waters book.

  • Speaking of film adaptations, I'm ticked that the Never Let Me Go movie has been tagged as a 'thriller' everywhere.  Guess what wasn't a thriller?  The book.


*What can I say?  Sometimes I get a little contrary.  And like I said, there were things I liked about it.

**And very recently.  I didn't write about it, but I loved it.  A lot. 

***That's the name of the character Sally Hawkins played in Happy-Go-Lucky.  Wow, he hated that movie.

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