While watching Fringe:

Me:  Ooo!  Ooo!  Do you think that John Noble...

Josh:  ...has information about the monster because he, in fact, researched THAT VERY THING before his stint in the asylum?

Both:  Yes.  Yes I do.

Okay, so it can be a little formulaic.  And I do prefer the Big Conspiracy episodes to the Monster Of The Week episodes (totally the opposite of my feelings about The X-Files, oddly), but still fun.  So is Pacey going to date Ari Graynor (I can't remember her name on the show)?  And will Olivia be jealous?  And what ever happened to the storyline about Olivia and Ari's scary father?  Or did I just imagine that?  And why isn't there more Lance Reddick??

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